How Often Should Instruments Be Calibrated?

For businesses that rely on instrumentation and equipment that provides accurate results with a high level of precision, regular calibration is vital in ensuring their continued accuracy. Depending on the type of equipment and services you provide, periodic calibration either monthly, quarterly or annually is essential. At Trident Calibration Labs, we are a Valley leader in providing exceptional calibration services backed by over 100 years of combined experience. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding how often your instruments should be serviced.

For many industries, the standard recommendation is to calibrate equipment once a year, but this can vary depending on certain factors. Often, a manufacturer will provide a standard interval at which specific equipment should be calibrated; while not always sufficient for all applications, this can provide a good starting point. Some scenarios—such as equipment with critical importance—require more frequent calibration to minimize the chance of inaccurate results. In cases like these, monthly servicing may be a worthwhile investment.

Equipment that is older may also need more frequent calibration than when new as they can be more prone to dips in accuracy. Close monitoring coupled with more regular calibration can help stave off unreliable results and ensure that year after year, your instruments perform precisely. Keep in mind that instruments that have been repaired, modified or subjected to extreme changes in environmental factors like heat or humidity may also require more frequent calibration—at least until returned to baseline.

Whatever timeframe for calibration services works best for you and your business, developing a schedule to follow throughout the year is important. By adhering to a regular calibration schedule, you can better plan for downtime while still prioritizing delivering consistent readings. Our expert technicians can also better evaluate your calibration needs and help recommend a schedule that works best for your equipment.

If your instruments are experiencing problems, do not delay in seeking a solution. We can help your business get back up and running as quickly as possible. With the level of experience and attention to detail we provide across the Phoenix area, why go anywhere else?

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