How Military Service Prepared Our Technicians

At Trident Calibration Labs, we are one of the leaders in the Valley in providing exceptional and accurate calibration and repair services for the instruments your business relies on. We service items from all the major manufacturers and thousands of top brands like 3M and Honeywell. If your business relies on accurate instrumentation of any kind, we are a service provider you can trust.

Not only do our technicians have over 100 years combined experience, but as a 100% veteran-owned and operated company, that experience comes from serving in the United States Armed Forces. Personnel that receive calibration training are highly valued and able to repair and maintain any and all equipment service members need, from micrometers to pressure gauges to radiation detectors.

Accurately performing equipment is vitally important, especially those used in combat situations, as even a slight degree of variation can quickly mean life or death. Because our technicians were trained to provide only the most exceptional results in accuracy and veracity, you can be sure that your instrumentation needs will be better served with us than anywhere else.

Our large inventory and experienced technicians ensure less down time and a quick turnaround for your equipment so your business can keep running as efficiently as possible. By making sure every piece of equipment we see is as precisely calibrated as the ones relied on by service members, you can have the peace of mind that your instruments will be running perfectly for as long as you need them.

The wealth of experience the military provided our personnel is carried through to you and your business and reinforces our commitment to providing the same exceptional and accurate services we gave to our nation’s finest.

If your instruments are experiencing problems, do not delay in seeking a solution. We can help your business get back up and running as quickly as possible. With the level of experience and attention to detail we provide across the Phoenix area, why go anywhere else?

Contact us today for a fast quote for instrument repair services or any services your business needs!


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