Why You Can Trust Trident for Your Instrument Repair Needs

Whatever industry your business operates in, having instruments that can produce accurate results is essential. At Trident Calibration, our team is an industry leader in repair and calibration services. Dealing with an important instrument breaking or no longer working as well as it should can cause delays, stress to you, and even a hit to your bottom line.

Trident Calibration Labs is proud to service the repair and calibration needs of the Phoenix area, and we offer repairs for numerous types of electrical and mechanical equipment. Our team offers free evaluation service and quick response, which means if your equipment needs calibration or repair, we can assess the damage at no cost to you and get back with a solution quickly. Historically, 25% of equipment we have serviced was able to be repaired during inspection, so your business can quickly and easily go back to servicing your customers.

We offer a robust inventory of parts to significantly cut down on the length of the repair time, and our thorough fault isolation process ensures issues are quickly diagnosed and addressed. It can be frustrating for your business to have instruments fail, and the often long and expensive repair makes things even worse. Our expert team offers on-site repair and calibration, and a quick diagnosis and expedient turnaround takes a lot of the hassle out of dealing with equipment failure. You want to spend less time worrying about delays and repair bills and more on growing your business, which is why Trident Calibration is a company you can rely on.

As a Veteran-owned and operated calibration lab with over 100 years of combined experience in this industry, we have the equipment needed for all your calibration needs. Many of our technicians received expert training while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces and carry that expertise forward to service your business.

If your instruments are experiencing problems, do not delay in seeking a solution. We can help your business get back up and running as quickly as possible. With the level of experience and attention to detail we provide across the Phoenix area, why go anywhere else?

Contact us today for a fast quote for instrument repair services or any services your business needs!

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