Common Causes of Calibration Problems

Calibration problems can affect many systems and instruments, leading to inaccurate measurements and unreliable results. Whether in manufacturing, healthcare, research or many other industries, variations in accuracy can quickly have significant consequences. At Trident Calibration Labs, we have over 100 years combined experience providing solutions to calibration issues. Read on for some of the common causes of calibration problems and how you might address them.

Handling and Environmental Factors

The environment in which your equipment or instruments are housed is an important consideration when looking to avoid problems, as changes in temperature, humidity and pressure can negatively impact performance. Extensive use can also contribute to wear and tear over time, as sensors, internal circuitry and other components may require repair or recalibration. While instruments that are used more infrequently will take longer to show degradation, components in well-used equipment often require regular calibration so that accuracy is not compromised. Drops or mishandling incidents can also contribute to calibration errors, and on-site calibration can be a good recourse for larger equipment or instruments that are fragile and may be damaged in transit.

Component Shift and Calibration Drift

While shifting is normal over time and often minor, keeping to a regular calibration schedule can ensure that shift and drift can be minimized. As equipment gets regular usage, it can be difficult to prevent accuracy loss. If your equipment is experiencing drift or shift not due to environmental damage or misuse, it could be due to natural degradation over time. Regardless of the causes of your instrument’s inaccuracy, having your instruments serviced through an accredited calibration lab can ensure that your equipment performs consistently, and that its results are held to a high, international standard.

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